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6 weeks-11 months

In the Infant Classroom your little one will be gently guided in making the transition from being at home with mommy and daddy to being taken care of by one of our experienced care givers. The transition to child care can be hard on some children and parents. On those days when you miss your little guy/girl and wish your little one was right there next to you, give us a call! We’ll be happy to tell you how his/her day is going! You are also welcome to pop your head in anytime you like, we have an open door policy.

We will begin to implement Highscope Curriculum in the Infant classroom. The Highscope Curriculum is considered the premier curriculum available for preschools and is our base for our reading, phonics, math, and science programs. The infant room begins with stories and music along with activities to strengthen your child’s small and large gross motor skills.

The toys and equipment in the Infant classroom have been carefully selected for safety and to meet the developmental needs of the specific age of the children in the class. Please be sure to leave all personal toys at home. This will prevent your child’s disappointment if the personal belonging should get lost or broken while at school.

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