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Young Tots

12-18 months
In the Young Toddler’s classroom, your child is gently guided into making the transition from being an infant and will provide many opportunities for your Young Toddler’s developmental growth. A daily routine will be introduced as the children are eased into a single nap time. They will begin developing their independent skills such as learning to use a cup, eating with utensils, and practicing table manners. This classroom is very busy and full of energy. The Young Toddlers are just beginning to desire independence and yet at any moment may change their minds and want to cuddle and be little again.

We will continue to implement the Highscope Curriculum in the Young Toddlers classroom. The Highscope Curriculum is considered the premier curriculum available for preschoolers and is our base for our reading, phonics, math, and science programs. Each class begins with a circle time where the focus is building a sense of community. Children sing, connect with classmates through fun activities, and make a commitment to keeping the classroom safe. Moving and Learning, Read Alouds, Literacy and Math/Science lessons are done daily. Lessons are short, theme-related and filled with hands-on applications and meaningful context.

The toys and equipment in the Young Toddlers classroom have been carefully selected for safety and to meet the developmental needs of the specific age of the children in the class. Please be sure to leave all personal toys at home. This will prevent your child’s disappointment if the personal belonging should get lost or broken while at school.

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